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We scan documents using our intuitive iDocs software. We also offer Business in a Box solutions to help you get started in the document management business.


DOMA Document Solutions of Indiana provides full-service document solutions including document storage, document warehousing, document conversion, document administrative services, inventory tracking (using O’Neil Software), and document conversion services. We have a partnership with DOMA Technical Solutions of Virginia Beach, VA and utilize their cloud based system for document conversion, storage, and retrieval. We utilize Cannon color duplex scanners for the conversion process.

Our cloud base data-centric solution offers the following:

  • A user interface with a clean look and more intuitive navigation experience.

  • A configurable application specific to meet your needs to customize user access, what actions you can perform and what groups you can belong to.

  • Simple search and advance search features to access your information right from the home page.

  • Cross-browser compatibility where data and documents can be access from any secure browser.

  • An automation tool called ‘Workflow’ providing the ability to build tasks and work assignments with rules, deadlines and quality assurance requirements.

  • Barcode recognition for document classification, indexing and separation as well as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for automated data and document classification.

  • Reporting capabilities including a full audit trail of activities and productivity within the system. Standard reports, custom reports and custom audit reports allow the monitoring of any activity happening in the system and ad-hoc reporting of any data previously captured.

  • Data exchange with most third party client applications offer via a secure FTP, web services and custom import/exports in real time or on demand.

  • Our web-based solution does not require any specific hardware or software to be installed on your local workstation. Data and documents can be accessed and viewed right from the streaming viewer within your browser.

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